Our Philosophy

A creative and adaptable interior designer who combines artistic and technical skills to create functional spaces where people can work, live and be inspired. Focusing on delivering quality and designing functional spaces with high aesthetics, elegance and harmony, whether the client’s space is residential, commercial or industrial.

Our Approach

During the initial interview with a client, we ask many questions to determine the scope of the project and the client’s particular tastes or vision. Once the specifications are understood and the area to be designed has been carefully inspected, the design process usually involves initial sketches that continually evolve before being finalized using computer-aided design (CAD) software. All components must be taken into account, including flooring, lighting and wall coverings as well as the people that will be using the space, while making sure to remain within budgetary constraints.

Our projects include hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops, private residences, etc.